Welcome to Those Seeking Healing from Moral & Spiritual Injuries Related to Active Duty Service 


Everyone engages in spiritual warfare.  Everyone.  Most of us just don’t know it.  The modern world discourages discussions of spiritual warfare, because evil wants it that way.  We hear its whispers: “That’s just superstition.  It’s all in your head”.  And we believe it.

But it isn’t.  There’s more to it.  Far more.

  For those veterans struggling with the after-effects of their military service, becoming educated, trained and actively engaging in spiritual warfare is indispensable to reintegrating happily into civilian life.  It’s the key to “resiliency” and healing from a multitude of moral and spiritual injuries.

We invite you to begin your effective engagement in the battle toward deep and lasting peace with the tools and training available through this website and many other resources to which it will point. 

Begin that training in our chapel.  You will find your strategic guide there. 

Everything else on the site constitutes useful tactics and techniques in pursuit of spiritual warfare’s strategic goals.